No Rest for the Brave
Pas de repos pour les braves - Alain Guiraudie
- Fiction


France/Autriche - 2003 - 1 h 47 mn - Réalisation : Alain Guiraudie - Production : Jean-Philippe Labadie, Nathalie Eybrard - Scénario : Alain Guiraudie - Image : Antoine Heberlé - Décor : Eric Moulard - Montage : Pierre Molin - Musique : Teppaz & Naz Orchestra - Son : Sylvain Girardeau - Interprétation : Thomas Suire, Laurent Soffiati, Thomas Blanchar -

Contact : Haut et Court - 38, rue des Martyrs - 75009 Paris - Tél : 01 55 31 27 27/ 06 09 49 62 63 - Fax : 01 55 31 27 28 - e-mail : - web :

Centre Rabelais Lundi 27 octobre 2003, 21 h 00

First, there's Basile Matin, a young fellow who dreams of Faftao-Laoupo, the symbol of the penultimate sleep. Now he knows that if he keeps sleeping he will die. Then, there's Igor, another young fellow who works a little and sort of studies. But, he's broke and he's bored. So even if he doesn't understand much of it, Basile's story interests Igor terribly. Last, there's Johnny Got. Sometime amateur journalist, sometime detective, and quite the hoodlum, he's interested in stories that are none of his business... And Basile's story fascinates him so much that he sets out to find him.

Alain Guiraudie

Born in Villefranche de Rouergue in the Aveyron in 1964, he is not married, has no children and no longer lives in the Aveyron. He is 5'8" tall, weighs 159 lbs. and between long cycling trips, he writes for the Nouvelle Revue Tarnaise. His first feature, Pas de repos pour les braves, is an adaptation of his unpublished novel, Lâcher du héros en plein vol avec recuperation de ce dernier en fin de course. He directed before several short or mid-length films : Les Héros sont immortels (1990), Tout droit jusqu'au matin (1994), La Force des choses (1997), Du soleil pour les gueux (2000), Ce vieux rêve qui bouge (2001), Pas de repos pour les braves (2003) et Voici venu le temps (2005).