With feet firmly set in the sand on a sunny beach, a snatch of the Mediterranean Sea visible in the distance…a cupped hand seemingly carries a tiny character in the background. Like a gesture, attention to others; an invitation to play… The use of metaphor, depth of field, warm colours, sun-kissed skin, the image breathes film and the Mediterranean, the very DNA of CINEMED.
The 40th edition of CINEMED, set to be a roaring event, can also be seen as a continuum of the 2017 image. The acrobatic little boy, doing a handstand against a wall has finally grown up…but is still continuing his antics!
And the story goes on, from the beginnings in Montpellier in 1979, when a group of passionate moviegoers created an Italian Film event, which then opened its arms to the rest of the Mediterranean to become the Festival. Proud of our past while resolutely looking to the future, we are delighted to invite you to celebrate the 40th edition of CINEMED with us, from the 19th to the 27th of October, 2018.
Many thanks to the Arab Image Foundation of Beirut for giving us access to their extraordinary photographic archive fund, and to Chirripo, for the composition and colourisation of the poster for this very special edition.
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